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Suction Apparatus Foot Operated

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12731

Suction Apparatus Foot Operated A most dependable medical suction apparatus to give

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Elbow Sticks

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12732

Elbow Sticks Elbow sticks made from aluminum frame duly anodized in

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Crutch Under Arm

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12733

Crutch Under Arm ,pair 25MM.(round)

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Jogger Mortised Heavy Duty

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12734

Jogger Mortised Heavy Duty

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Foldable Jogger

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12735

Foldable Jogger Details : Flatbed with imported bearing rollers.

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Physio Ball

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12736

Physio Ball A few exercise performed by these balls

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Parallel Walking Bar

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12737

Parallel Walking Bar Salient Features : The length of Parallel walking bar with

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Arm Pulley Exerciser

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12738

Arm Pulley Exerciser Salient Features : All chrome plated tubular steel

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Static Cycle

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12739

Static Cycle Salient Features : Ruggedly built tabular steel frame

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Product Code : EL-EARFML-12740

Activator Salient Features : For effective administration of

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Grip exercises

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12741

Grip exercises Salient Features : For grip strengthening exercises.

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Hand Gym Kit Board

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12742

Hand Gym Kit Board Salient Features : To permit active flexion and extension exercises for fingers wrist.

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Rotary Wrist Machine

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12743

Rotary Wrist Machine Salient Features : Also called "Supinator-pronator" and used effectively to promote pronation and supination of the wrist.

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Walker Infant

Product Code : EL-EARFML-12744

Walker Infant Salient Features : A gait-training walker for children in age group of 2 to 6 years

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