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Quality Leather test equipment can be availed at SLEA. Assess physical and chemical properties, rub fastness, water spotting, adhesion, tear strength of leather test piece with simple to use testing equipments. We ensure high-end products made with robust materials to our clients. Explore the range

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Product Code : EL-LTE-13224

Flexometer Flexometer is used for the assessment of the flexing

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Crackness Tester (Apparatus)

Product Code : EL-LTE-13225

Crackness Tester (Apparatus) Crackness Apparatus consists of a clamp device, which rigidly holds one end of the test piece.

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Water Vapour Permeability

Product Code : EL-LTE-13226

Water Vapour Permeability Water Vapour Permeability Tester made of twelve brass bottles.

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Spray Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13227

Spray Tester Spray Tester consists of a stand for holding the spray

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Product Code : EL-LTE-13228

Lasto-Meter The objective of this test is to ascertain whether the upper used in the footwear is weak or has variable stretch properties .

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Finish Film Adhesion Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13229

Finish Film Adhesion Tester Finish Film Adhesion Tester made test specimen plates on which the test specimen is paste.

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Crockmeter For Leather

Product Code : EL-LTE-13230

Crockmeter For Leather One of the test for determination of colour fastness of dyed of printed leather is the crocking test.

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Abrasion Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13231

Abrasion Tester (For Sole Leather)

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Auxiliary Apparatus

Product Code : EL-LTE-13232

Auxiliary Apparatus Auxiliary Apparatus - Penetration through most upper leathers would be very slow if they were merely put into contact with water without flexing, and the rate of

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Bench Thickness Gauge

Product Code : EL-LTE-13233

Bench Thickness Gauge Bench Thickness Gauge - Accurate determination of thickness of leather is important in itself for its end use, a

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Dynamic Water Proofness Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13234

Dynamic Water Proofness Tester Dynamic Water Profaneness Tester - The uppers of shoes

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Folding Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13235

Folding Tester Folding Tester - The ability of leather used in bookbinding

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Water Proofness Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13236

Water Proofness Tester Water Proofness Tester - Water Proofness of leather used

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Water Vapour Permeability Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13237

Water Vapour Permeability Tester Water Vapour Permeability Tester - The Water Vapour

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Light Fastness Tester

Product Code : EL-LTE-13238

Light Fastness Tester Light Fastness Tester - Light Fastness Tester is used to test the colorfastness of the material.

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