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Engineering Lab Lock-Out

Product Code : EL-OELT-13416

Engineering Lab Lock-Out/Tag -Out training systems SLEA provide Lock Out Tag Out equipment for mechanical engineering lab training systems.

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Load Cell Strain Gauge Trainer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13417

Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer

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LVDT Displacement Measurement Trainer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13418

LVDT Displacement Measurement Trainer SPECIFICATIONS:

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Pressure Measurement Trainer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13419

Pressure Measurement Trainer SPECIFICATIONS : Range 300mm Pressure Cell

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Magnetic Pickup Distance Measurement Trainer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13420

Magnetic Pickup Distance Measurement Trainer SPECIFICATIONS : Distance measurement using motor and wheel Electromagnetic pick up

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Sample & Hold Trainer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13421

Sample & Hold Trainer

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Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train

Product Code : EL-OELT-13422

Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train

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Desauty Bridge

Product Code : EL-OELT-13423

Desauty Bridge It is a simple form of bridge giving maximum accuracy while comparing capacitance in term of resistance.

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Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

Product Code : EL-OELT-13424

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 1. Outer yoke made up of High grade cast iron frame.

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Single Phase Transformer

Product Code : EL-OELT-13425

Single Phase Transformer Single phase double wound copper transformer having primary 230VAC and secondary 115V AC with a rated

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Digital Turbidity Meters

Product Code : EL-OELT-13426

Digital Turbidity Meters Range:2 0 to 200 JTU - 0 to 1000 JTU

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Digital TDS Meters

Product Code : EL-OELT-13427

Digital TDS Meters Highly Stable and Accurate Cell Constant Adjustment Facility Available in Lab and Field models

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Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter

Product Code : EL-OELT-13428

Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter (Forward & Reverse) Product description: Continuously variable voltage auto transformer, protected type.

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Callender Griffiths Bridge Dial Type

Product Code : EL-OELT-13429

Callender & Griffith's Bridge Dial Type Callender & Griffith's Bridge Dial Type :-This instrument is an improvement over the Student's Potentiometer.

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Dielectric Constant Apparatus

Product Code : EL-OELT-13430

Dielectric Constant Apparatus To calculate dielectric constant of solids.

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