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We at SLEA aim to increase the laboratory productivity with our wide range of Physics Lab Equipments & Physics Laboratory Apparatus. Either its wave & motion, speed, application of force or acceleration, we carry apparatuses & instruments for all types of physics experiments & applications. Physics equipments are available for every level, starting from school, college to university. Physics Laboratory Apparatus stand for premium quality, high resiliency and competitive price range. Each product is manufactured under strict industrial standards. We have a strong product line which promises precision, durability and convenience.Physics Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Physics Lab Equipments Suppliers, Physics Lab Equipments Exporters in India, Physics Lab Equipments Manufacturers in India.
List of Physics Lab Equipment that used in School and Colleges
Bending of Beam App.,Bar pendulum ,Bi-Prism Assembly,Bar Magnets,Battery with Clips ,Battery Charger ,Battery Hydrometer,Battery Eliminator,Ballistic Galvanometer,Beaker with spout,Bimetallic Strips,Ball & Ring App.,Bar Gauge App.,Bar Breaking App.,Bio Gas Plants Model ,Measuring equipments: Vernier calliper, micrometer screw gauge, measuring tape,Magnetic equipments: Bar magnets, iron fillings for magnetism ,Optics: Lenses and Prism,Various magnifiers including magnifier tripod ,Laboratory spherometer,Helical spring,Large pulley demonstration set,Spherometer demonstration model,Electrical Equipments: Rheostats slide wires

Meter Round Dial Top Terminal

Product Code : EL-PLE-10809

Meter, Round Dial, Top Terminal Plastic black or white desk stand, Unbreakable with 4mm

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Meter Round Dial Front Terminal

Product Code : EL-PLE-10810

Meter, Round Dial, Front Terminal Plastic black or white desk stand, Unbreakable with 4mm

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Meter Rectangular Dial Front Terminal

Product Code : EL-PLE-10811

Meter, Rectangular Dial, Front Terminal

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Multi-Range Meter

Product Code : EL-PLE-10812

Multi-Range Meter Used widely for the measurement of current & voltage in a DC Circuit

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Ohm Meter

Product Code : EL-PLE-10813

Ohm Meter These are used for measuring the resistance in electric circuits.

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Galvanometer EDSPOT

Product Code : EL-PLE-10814

Galvanometer EDSPOT, Having 4mm color coded socket terminal for input and

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Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Product Code : EL-PLE-10815

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer These are used to find extensive use as a DC null detector in wheat stone bridges and potentiometers. These are used to find extensive use as a DC null detector in wheat stone bridges and potentiometers.

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Galvanometer Ballistic

Product Code : EL-PLE-10816

Galvanometer, Ballistic

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Demonstration Meter

Product Code : EL-PLE-10817

Demonstration Meter These meters are used to demonstration of all the parts of the meter in schools and colleges

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Bar Magnet

Product Code : EL-PLE-10818

Bar Magnet Supplied in pairs, Blue and Red painted with keepers. Chrome Steel magnets of Moderate Strength

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Bar Magnet Pair Alnico

Product Code : EL-PLE-10819

Bar Magnet, Alnico Supplied in pairs, Blue and Red painted with keepers.

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U-Shape Magnet

Product Code : EL-PLE-10820

U-Shape Magnet Chrome Steel magnets of moderate strength, with keeper and painted with red and Blue colour.

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U-Shape Magnet Alnico

Product Code : EL-PLE-10821

U-Shape Magnet Alnico, Alnico magnets of superior strength,

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Horse Shoe Magnet

Product Code : EL-PLE-10822

Chrome Steel Magnets with Keepers and moderate

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Horse Shoe Magnet Alnico

Product Code : EL-PLE-10823

Horse Shoe Magnet, Alnico Alnico Magnets with Keepers and superior strength,

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