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Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus
Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus The trainer consists of an Epcyclic gear box coupled to a variable speed electric motor. 
Other end of the gear train is coupled to a brake drum for measurement of transmitted torque. 
One more spring balance is used to measure holding torque of the epicyclic gear train. 
Measuring instruments are provided for measurement of Power supplied to the motor, torque transmitted speed. 
Experimental Capabilities: To demonstrate operation of Epicyclic Gear Train.  
To measure holding torque transmitted torque of Epicyclic Gear Train. 
Technical Specifications: 
Variable Speed Motor: Capacity 0.5 hp @ 15400 RPM with speed controller  
Epicyclic Gear Train: Capacity 100 N-m, Speed Ration 4:1  
Brake Drum Pulley Spring Balance 2 Nos.  
Voltmeter Ammeter for Power consumption of Motor.  
Tachometer for Speed Measurement Base Frame: MOC  
M. S. Square pipes Angles, Powder Coated Electric Switches Wiring.

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