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Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus
When the natural frequency of a system coincides with the external forcing system frequency the phenomenon is called resonance. 
The speed at which resonance occurs is known as critical speeds. 
These speeds are also called whirling speeds or whipping..
(1) Supported end conditions: Make use of end blocks with single self-aligning bearing.
(2) Fixed end conditions: -Make use of end blocks with double bearing. The guards D1 & D2 can be fixed at any position on the supporting bar frame, which fits on side support F. Rotating shafts are to be fitted in blocks in A & B stands. .
The driving motor is 230V DC 1/16
H.P; 6500 RPM. A dimmer state of 240v, 2amp, and 50 cycles is used to control speed of the rotating shaft.
Coupling: - A flexible shaft is used to drive the test shaft from motor.
Ball bearing fixing ends:- The ends fix the shaft while it rotates. 
The shaft & the end-fixing device can be replaced within a short time with the help of this unit. 
The fixing ends provide change of end fixing condition of the rotating shaft as per the requirement.
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