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Cut Section of Car 
Designed for comprehensive study of vehicle components and their operation. 
Automotive paints used for painting sectioned vehicle assemblies. 
Low speed gear motor to drive the engine from flywheel side. 
The model is full scale working cut section model of an automobile car designed to enable students to study different systems of an passanger vehicle & demonstrate its working. 
The setup uses an actual automobile car, sectioned at suitable locations to display internal assembles. 
In order to visualize operation ofthe assemblies, the engine is driven from flywheel end using a low speed motor. 
All the car assemblies are repainted using automotive grade paints and color coded in order to make students understand the sectioned parts. 
The car assembly along with drive system is mounted on a sturdy steel frame, fitted with castor wheels for mobility. 
The demonstration system consists of a sectionedcar (TATA / Maruti or equivalent). 
All the assemblies like Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Engine Cooling System, Air Intake System etc are sectioned in order to show the internal assemblies and parts.
While running at lower speed by usinga electric motor, the students can visualise operation of important vehicle systems like engine,gear box, differential, power transfer to wheels. 
The engine is cut at different locations in order to display its components like piston, cylinder, crank shaft, cam shaft etc. 
Auxiliary systems like oil sump, starter, alternator, radiator, air cleaner etc. are also cut in order to show their construction details. 
The gear box is sectioned in order to show the internal meshing gears their shifting during operation of the car. 
The electrical systemconsisting of Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Turn Indicators, Wipers, Horn etc is operational along with other mechanical systems. 
Demonstration Capabilities: Demonstration of operation of Automotive Engine. 
Demonstration of operation of Transmission System. 
Demonstration of Brake System used in vehicles. Demonstration of Automotive Electrical System. .

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